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I grew up observing and appreciating the world around me by documenting beautiful places via paint, ink, and photography. Here are a few excerpts! 

Two co-founders and I built Ruggette PBC (public benefit corporation), a womxn-specific outdoor apparel company. We started the company while in college beginning in 2018 and closed the company in January 2022. 

Ruggette Pants Infographic

Abstract: Water is of utmost geopolitical and everyday importance throughout the world, especially in the Middle East. As Israel has declared official water independence from the weather, what does that mean for the future of regional water sharing and Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects? With water serving as one of the five final status issues in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, many optimists believe large-scale desalination – the manufacturing of salty water to potable – has potential to stimulate negotiations. Despite the enormous role desalination plays in Israeli society– providing 80% of the country’s domestic water, and in operation for over fifteen years – there has yet to be a study on the peace-oriented impacts of water manufacturing and the underlying cultural importance of the process. This thesis considers Israel’s path to developing and implementing the technology and why Israel has not yet pursued peacebuilding efforts. Through an analysis of an abundance of books, newspaper articles, scholarly articles, advertisement campaigns, and water use statistics, this thesis argues that a lack of peace stems from Israeli cultural and ideological attachment to the symbol of desalination’s ability to fulfill the Zionist dream.

Black Mountainscape Blockprint, 2021
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